Run your own Viva Group

No Viva group near you?

Start your own group in your area!

We are expanding rapidly across the UK, if you are interested in running a group in your area then contact us now!

You could run a breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening or a mums group-the choice is yours! Or you could do more than one event at different times in different areas. We are offering an opportunity to earn an addtional income alongside your exsisting business. There is a cost to cover your training, start up stationary and on going support.

There are many benefits to starting a Viva Business Networking Group in your local area, such as:

  • It raises your business profile in your area.
  • You will gain more business as a result of running your own event.
  • You receive free membership of Viva Business Networking 
  • We give you training, support and advice to help ensure your event is a success
  • You can be part of of growing brand which has some exciting expansion plans

Contact us now for more information on how Viva can help you enhance your local profile. We need some back ground information on you, a copy of your CV and also tell us why you would like to run a Viva group. You need good organisational skills, and an eye for detail, able to present clearly and a great communicator. If you think you fit this bill,contact us now.